About us

Company with business name L.Z.-Atelier, s.r.o. is located in a private house in Prague 10 and has been effective on the market since the year 1995. It was established by registration into the Companies Register recorded at the District court for Prague 1, section C, file 34299.

We are an architectural studio focused on projects with practical design and architectural value. We design buildings in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

A sphere of business activity according to the Companies Register is as follows:

  • projecting activity in capital construction
  • consulting in the area of building industries
  • projection of simple and small constructions, their modification and eliminating
  • purchase of goods with the view of its future resale and sale with the exception of goods that is mentioned in amendment 2-3 law No. 455/91 of the Collection of Law and herewith law excluded
  • mediating activity in the area of business and services (except activities listed in paragraph 3 law No. 455/91 of the Collection of Law)
  • estate agency

L.Z. Atelier s.r.o has at its disposal a corresponding material and technical facility for fulfilling company’s business subject of enterprise.

At present the company employs a team of 25 people, the company structure is: Architect, Engineer, Chief design engineer, Assistant designer.